Contemporary pool is a combination of technology, finishing works and successful design. One can even say, that a lack of any of these components will result to not reaching the investment and esthetic targets set.

By trusting us and our 26 year of experience, we will help you accomplish any difficulity swimming pool project by using:

    • Contemporary filtration and water desinfection systems;
    • Different technologic devices and automatic systems developed by the leading manufacturers in Europe and USA;
    • Different water and air massages;
    • Different manual and automatic swimming pool covers, etc.

Latinwest is the official dealer of HugoLahme GmbH. bronze equipment and massage systems, DrydenAqua Ltd. filtration system DAISY and AFM activated glass media, Heatstar Ltd. climate control devices, Bayrol GmbH. automatic chemical dosation systems, Starline С.L.O.N.V. pool covers and other high quality products.