Thanks to hromotherapy from salt bricks, salt wall creates pleasant effect on our mental and emocional state. Additionaly, air gets enriched with negative ions. That results to freshness, similar to one that you can get near the sea, on montains or near the waterfall. Scientific reasearch shows that our well beeing improves, when there are a lot of negative ions present.

Salt eliminates inflammation process and has a possitive impact on our organism. Lung efficiency improves. Both the lungs and breathing system gets cleaned from bacteria and allergens. Therefore people who suffer from alergic reactions, will enjoy a relief.

Can treat several skin diseases. When used constantly, improves skin structure – skin gets more porous and gets more enriched with blood.

Oxygen ions are oxygen molecules, who has one or more electrones (more electrones = negative charge; less electrones = possitive charge). Negatively charged oxygen ions are very important for human health – they have strong purging potencial. They draw to themselves bacterias and dust (which are mainly possitively charged). Bacteria and dust gets dragged to the ground and air gets clean. Closed rooms has a lack of negative ions, therefore it results to concentration problems and fatigueness